As most (all?) of you know, Chris Brogan identifies 3 words to focus his efforts on for the year. I hadn’t intended to do one for myself but after pondering it this weekend I decided the act of defining a set of words to use as my guide throughout the year would help me keep focus on the important things. And what busy person couldn’t benefit from a bit more focus?

So here are my 3 words for 2011:

  • Serve – This one has several meanings. For me as an individual it means keeping focus on my priorities – personal relationships, family, health and career. It means making sure I leave work early enough to work out 3 times a week – no matter what, and taking 30 minutes each morning to read the blogs and news on my “daily reads” list. For me as a manager and leader it means clearing roadblocks for others and helping them see when the roadblock is within their control – even when it’s within themselves.
  • Connect – Attend local meetups, seek out Philly-area people in my field and comment more on blogs and forums – even when I’m busy. All too often I use the “I was too busy” excuse but really, it’s all about committing to what’s important. And what’s important doesn’t change just because “I’m busy”.
  • Prioritize – I’m cheating a bit with this one because I started this at the end of last year. This is all about recognizing what’s important and seeing it through, and the converse of admitting when something isn’t as important and letting it go (or letting it go for now). That last part is a real challenge for me – I pride myself in being able to “do it all” but that often translates to doing lots of things but not doing any of them as well as I could (or as well as they deserve).

Tomorrow when I get in the office I’m putting these 3 words on my wall for all to see. “Busy” is a constant theme in my life (and probably yours, too) but these are important and I want to give them the emphasis they deserve.

What are your 3 words?

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