I’m starting a new weekly post here called twurl – this week’s URLs.  I’ll be sharing the top posts, articles and web pages that I found throughout the week.  Most will have been links I shared via Twitter but if you’re like me you don’t keep up with *everything* shared by your community.  Here is your chance to catch up with the most interesting/important/entertaining posts I saw last week – the ones that grabbed my attention and became conversation at the office/dinner table/over IM.



Apps & Tools

  • CloudFlare – speeds up web apps by creating a Content Distribution Network for the masses.  Video interview by Scobleizer.
  • 5 Social Media Marketing Tools – Search Marketing Sage’s list of the top tools they saw at Pro SEO.


Product Management & Architecture

Geek Humor

  • The Number Line – A comic by xkcd where we learn about important elements such “negative imitator numbers” and “e and pi observed”.  If you sat through a decade’s worth of math classes this is your gift because only you will be able to understand the shear genius of this comic.

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