As web marketers we’re constantly working to keep abreast of demographics and trending.  There’s no use talking to teens on twitter if most of them are on myspace or texting.

As the web, social networks and mobile usage matures, the make up of the user base moves from early adopter to mass market.  We’re seeing growth in several demographic areas that have trended slowly in the past.  Further, as access to broadband increases and adoption of portable devices grows, the types of online activities people engage with change.

Key Evolving Audiences and Activities

At a glance

  • Women, seniors, African Americans and Latinos lead the pack in growth
  • Mobile and video is exhibiting mass market appeal

Some Statistics

What does this mean for you?  If your brand targets any of these mass market groups you have more channels available to you.

Get busy – it looks like the playground just got more crowded.  And please, don’t fight over that last swing.  Instead, share a ride on the see saw – you’ll both get a lot more out of the deal.

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